Lighting Installation Integrate System ISE2023

Born to Integrate Systems

Compatible with integration systems such as CRESTON, AMX or CONTROL4, incorporates GPIO ports and implements RS-232 and RS-485 protocols; LS CORE iO lighting console has been designed and developed to meet the needs of AV system integrators.

Main Features:

  • Up to 8 Universes DMX in ½ de Rack 19” format 
  • Multi-protocol (DMX512, ArtNet, sACN, OSC, MIDI, UDP y HTTP)
  • GPIs & GPOs ports, RS-232 & RS-485 ports & Alarm Contact.
  • Wall-mount remote control with eight configurable buttons for end user’s control

Designed to Connect

  • 2x XLR 5p - DMX 512 Outs
  • 4x GPIs Ports
  • 4x GPOs Ports
  • RS-232 Port
  • RS-485 Port
  • LAN R45 Port
  • USB Host
  • Alarm Contact


All The Power of LIGHTSHARK

Our products has changed the world of traditional lighting control systems with a hardware that offers a web-based interface accessible from any smart device such as Smartphones, Tablets and Computers.

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